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What is an IDP?

Do I need to have an IDP in order to drive abroad?

If you plan on driving outside of your home country, you’ll likely require an international driving permit (IDP). It is contingent upon the treaties and agreements in place between your country of residence and the nation or countries through which you intend to drive. Requirements for IDPs are governed by a web of bilateral agreements and treaties, each of which is subject to periodic revision. Having an IDP makes it simple to drive lawfully in other countries, giving you the assurance that you’re following all applicable rules and regulations. Thus, even in nations where you are not mandated to carry an IDP, it is strongly advised to do so. An IDP can never replace a legitimate driver’s license in your home country. IDPs are not valid for driving in your country of residence, where you need to hold a valid domestic driving license.

How does it work?

Since 1926, the United Nations has used four international treaties to govern driving in most countries across the world. The 1949 Geneva Convention and the 1968 Vienna Convention cover 98 percent of the world’s countries and govern the issuance of practically all IDPs today. IDPs can be issued by governments that are signatories to the UN Conventions on Road Traffic. The Automobile Clubs and other driving organizations in these nations typically handle this responsibility. Because of this, AIT and FIA Clubs are the two largest IDP-issuing organizations in the world. If you live in a country where IDPs are issued by the Automobile Club, this site will direct you to that club’s IDP details page.


Functions of an IDP

Translate. International driving permits (IDPs) ensure that your home country’s driver’s license is recognized abroad.

Certify. The issuing authority of your IDP attests to the fact that you are in possession of a valid driver’s license in your home country.

Car body style. The organization that provided you with your IDP should also have certified and indicated the types of motor vehicles you are permitted to operate.

Strengthen Traffic Safety. Driving abroad is a common requirement for IDPs, which helps guarantee that all drivers are licensed and increases overall road safety.

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